Most men own a few pairs of underwear that fit these descriptions:

Thin. Holey. Worn-out.

...And, like most guys, I’m sure you also have a few pairs like this:

Itchy. Baggy. Uncomfortable.

Now... I know what you're probably thinking:

"So what? Yeah, I have a few pairs of those underwear... every guy does. I wear my one nice pair on dates, and that's all I need. Right?"

I used to completely agree (and I wore underwear just like that)... but if there's one wardrobe upgrade I recommend you make, it’s to upgrade your underwear.

From being exactly what women want (and expect) to see when they take off your pants, to being way less expensive in the long run (as they last longer), to being dramatically more comfortable (all day long)... high-quality underwear is one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe and yourself.

And below, I’m going to show exactly why with 7 powerful reasons to upgrade your underwear.

7 Powerful Reasons to Upgrade Your Underwear

I obviously don't believe that all men's underwear is created equal (or I wouldn't be suggesting that you upgrade yours). So throughout this article, you'll see I reference this upgraded type of underwear as the 'right' or the 'best' or 'high-quality' underwear.

...And at the bottom of the post (here), I included a quick buying guide to help you find this type of underwear... but I highly recommend you start by reading the 7 powerful reasons to upgrade your underwear:

Reason #7: You Don’t Have to Buy it as Often

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If you ask most guys why they haven't upgraded their underwear yet... they'll usually answer with the same exact reason:

It's more expensive.

...And I get it, I'm as frugal as the next guy... but what I (and most guys) didn't realize was that when you upgrade your underwear, you end up needing to buy new underwear way less often. And this makes sense if you think about it:

When you buy a pair of low-quality underwear (usually in the $5-$25 range)... it's going to be low quality. It was inexpensive for you to buy and it was likely made as inexpensively as possible.

Now... on the other hand:

When you buy a pair of high-quality underwear, it's going to be made better, made with the best materials, and, above all, made to last.

To put this another way:

Just like buying a pair of quality shoes or a nicer suit... when you buy nice underwear, it's an investment.

...And if you want a pair of underwear that will keep its shape longer (won't get baggy or loose as quickly), will keep its color longer (won't get faded as quickly), and won't break down as quickly (in other words, last you considerably longer)... then make the investment in nicer underwear.

Reason #6 Woman Love (and Expect) It

Guys... do you like when women wear sexy underwear?

Of course you do... and here's the thing:

Women like and want the same exact thing. When they take your clothes off, they want to see you in something they find sexy (form fitting, naturally accentuating, right color/pattern, etc.).

And it makes sense, right? Which do you think a woman would prefer to see you in:

Pair #1
Pair #2

They'd obviously be more physically attracted to you if you wore pair #1. And to put this into perspective... if that's the case, why wouldn't you wear pair #1? Would you rather your partner to be excited or disappointed when she takes your pants off?

It's a painfully easy answer, right?

Alright... so it's clear that women love when you wear the right underwear... but what do I mean by they "expect" it?

We both know that women notice and analyze almost everything. So... what do you think her opinion will be of a man who wears poorly fitting, old, worn-out underwear? That he's a responsible man, who has his life together? Or that he's an immature boy, who has trouble taking care of himself?

It's another easy answer, right?

Look, guys... the takeaway here is really simple:

If you want your partner to be excited when she takes off your pants (and not disappointed and concerned)... then it's time to upgrade your underwear.

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Guys... I can't recommend Tani enough as your choice to upgrade your underwear and here's why:

Not only are their underwear ridiculously comfortable, made to last, and made for performance (they're made with the highest quality premium fabrics like Swiss Cotton and Micro Modal air)... but they're made to make you look good (they're uniquely designed to be form fitting, naturally accentuating, and in the right colors).

Reason #5: It’s Hugely More Flattering... Underneath Your Clothes

So it's clear that upgraded underwear is the better choice when your pants are off... but what a lot of guys don't realize is how bad low-quality underwear can make you look even with your pants are on.

Surprising, right? Here are some specific examples of what I'm talking about:

  • Visible outlines of your underwear (underneath your pants) from low-quality/poorly-designed underwear.
  • Love handles from too-tight/poorly-designed underwear, pushing up and concentrating your skin and fat.
  • Added weight/mass (around your upper thighs) from too-loose/bulky underwear bunching up.


I'm going to assume you don't want to walk around with any of those three, right? Good... and here's the awesome thing that happens when you upgrade your underwear:

All these problems disappear... and for one really simple reason:

High-quality underwear is designed to be smooth and invisible underneath your clothes. This means that not only will it be dramatically more comfortable (reason #1 below)... but it will also prevent you from looking slovenly (visible lines), inaccurately fat (false love handles), or uncomfortably disproportionate (added weight/mass).

Reason #4: It's Designed to Handle Sweat

If you work outor work outsideor you’re a man who sweats at all, you know how uncomfortable damp, sweaty underwear can be.

And really, as men, we've all been there... which is why reason #4 is so powerful:

Most high-quality underwear is designed to specifically handle the sweat and heat that comes (naturally) from being an active man. To accomplish this, high-quality underwear is made with things like:

  • Sweat-wicking materials (to pull the sweat off of your body)
  • Breathable weave (to help air flow, keeping you cool and sweating less)

What does this mean in practical terms?

In short: it means that by upgrading your underwear, you'll sweat less and be dramatically more comfortable when it's hot and/or while you're active.

Reason #3: It Lets You Move Freely... While Keeping Everything in Place

We've all been there:

You're doing something active (working out, playing a sport, etc.)... when you realize that you wore the wrong (usually low-quality) underwear. It starts to bunch up, get too hot, or things start falling out of place. In other words: you're uncomfortable.


Just like with reason #5 above, there is a huge benefit in the design and materials of high-quality underwear. Most are designed for complete mobility, keeping everything in place, while still allowing you to move freely... especially when:

  • You move heavily at the gym. You don't want underwear that annoyingly slips... nor do you want to lose circulation in your legs.
  • You leave an important meeting. You don't want loose underwear that drops a few inches when you jump out of your seat... nor do you want tight underwear restricting/distracting you from running to shake your boss's hand.
  • You go on a date. You don't want underwear that fail to hold everything in place... nor do you want tight underwear to prevent you from dancing, strolling, or anything the night calls for.

Here's the bottom line:

The right underwear won't unravel, squeeze too tightly, or uncomfortably ride up, but it will keep everything in place... no matter how you move.

Here's my go to pair for handling sweat and complete mobility:


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Reason #2: It Makes You Feel Like the Classic Successful Man You Want to Be (and Not a Teenager)

Imagine this:

A highly successful man (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Will Smith) is getting dressed in the morning. Do you think he starts with a ragged, holey pair of Hanes underwear?

What about James Bond? When he seduces a beautiful woman, do you think she sees him in Walmart Brand, knee-length boxers?

Of course not. Not only are these types of underwear incredibly unappealing to women (reason #6 above)... but think about it:

When you wear a pair of underwear, that you know doesn't fit well or is worn out/faded/holey, do you feel like one of the powerful men listed above... or do you feel more like a sloppy teenager?


Your underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, so it should make you feel like the classic, successful man you want to be... and not the (exact) opposite.

Reason #1: It’s Dramatically More Comfortable

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We all have that one item of clothing we go to when we want to be comfortable, right? That you're excited to put on... and you're instantly comfortable when you do.


Imagine if that's how you felt every time you put on your underwear in the morning. I know, it sounds too good to be true... but think about what a huge role your underwear plays in your comfort:

  • It's one of the few items that comes into direct contact with your body all day.
  • It keeps your boys in place (and we all know that if they're not comfortable... you're not comfortable).
  • It's worn over a very mobile part of your body (think about how many different shapes it has to take on: sitting, walking, running, squats, jumping, etc.).

And if your underwear is comfortable, even with the three above... then you'll probably be dramatically more comfortable throughout the day, right?

Of course you will. Guys... here's the really simple bottom line:

When you upgrade your underwear, you're buying underwear designed to keep you comfortable all day long (meaning it won't rub, bunch, chafe or sag like low-quality underwear will). Not only does this mean that you'll start every day on a positive note... but also that you'll be comfortable and confident all day long.

A Quick Buying Guide for the 'Best' Underwear

Now you know the powerful benefits of the 'best' underwear... but how can you be absolutely sure that the underwear is high-quality before you buy it?

Just make sure it's made of the right material, has the right fit, and is available at the right price:

The Material

In general, pure materials don't create the best-quality underwear: 100% cotton underwear will sag due to sweat, 100% nylon shows wet spots easily, 100% polyester tends to overheat, 100% rayon has very little support… etc.

On the other hand:

Mixed-material underwear will combine the best qualities of multiple fabrics. By combining the different fabrics, you're able to hand pick the strengths of each type of material: the breathability of cotton, the softness of rayon, the strength of polyester… and make one, super-capable pair of underwear.

Here’s what makes up the right material:

The best men's underwear is usually made of more than one material, combining the benefits of multiple fabrics, to create a dramatically better pair of underwear.

The Fit

The right underwear fit correctly. It’s as simple as that.

Now... what is the correct fit?

As you probably guessed, it’s not too tight, and not too loose:

Too-tight underwear (that visibly cut into your hips or thighs, causing your skin to bulge out from the edge) is incredibly uncomfortable, can cut off circulation, and has even been linked to low fertility. source

Too-loose underwear (that sit barely above your pelvis, and has loose-fitting legs that barely touch your skin) is uncomfortable/unattractive when it’s stuffed and bunched into your pants… and the loose material constantly rubbing against your skin can cause chafing.

Here's what makes the right fit:

The right underwear is designed to rest on your body (and not squeeze it or bag around it). It’ll also come in a variety of sizes, and with a sizing chart so that you can get the perfect fit for your body type.

The Price

The right underwear isn't too cheap... it costs at the very least $30 a pair.

And, again, I get it:

You don’t want to spend a fortune on underwear. But remember:

High-quality underwear is more expensive because it's made better, with better materials, and designed to last a long time. And like I mentioned above... you need to think about it like an investment:

Instead of buying low-quality underwear (in the $5-25 range), that you have to replace frequently... buy high-quality underwear (above $30), and keep it for a dramatically longer period of time.

Here’s what makes the right price:

The right underwear will cost more than $30 a pair. For that price, you’ll get that long-lasting underwear, specifically designed to look good wash after wash.

In Conclusion

Guys... remember:

If you only upgrade one piece of your wardrobe... highly recommend you upgrade your underwear. 

They're exactly what women want to see when they take your clothes off, they're an investment (so you rarely have to buy new underwear)and, above all, they'll keep you comfortable and confident all the day.

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