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10 Best Winter Date Ideas

The best winter dates all have one thing in common: Nostalgia. With winter being home to so many memorable holidays, it offers the perfect opportunity to dig deep into fond memories, triggering the potential for meaningful connection at every turn. Even if you and your date come from different backgrounds, these thoughtful date ideas can beat seasonal affective disorder in no time by providing a healthy dose of companionship.

1. Make hot cocoa

What's more reminiscent of childhood snow days than making a delicious cup of hot cocoa? Doing this with the girl you like will allow you to tell stories. Ones that involve making hot cocoa when you were younger. We won't tell on you if you decide to add a bit of schnapps, either...

2. Ice-Skating

It seems like every Christmas movie features ice-skating at some point. Whether you're a master of the rink or barely able to stand up straight, it's always more fun with a date. Plus, it's ridiculously romantic when you catch her just as she's about to fall down on the ice skating rink. Use that to your advantage.

3. Star Gazing

Who doesn't love watching the stars in the sky? There's something about the cold weather and wintertime air -- cooler, quieter, more contemplative -- that makes the sensation of awe that you get from looking at the night sky that much more special.

4. Visit a Winter Festival

If you're lucky enough to live in a part of the world that holds wintertime festivals, you might be treated to such incredible sights and activities as igloo-building, ice-carving, and snow angel sessions. Festivals are, of course, events where you celebrate together, so use that to make her feel joy and celebration. Moments like these are ones you never forget.

5. Snowboarding

If the mountains are more your terrain, going on a snowboarding date can be an exciting and refreshing experience. Bonus points if you hit the sauna together afterward. If you're feeling extra adventurous, get her an ice cream cone after. Let's see if all these temperatures magically bring you two closer.

6. Make snowmen and angels

When you've got fresh powder on the ground, there's no better way to ring in the winter season than with some good old-fashioned snowman building! Then, when you're tired, plop down and get to making those snow angels, too. It's a fun thing to do with her because she can let out her childish side. That will get her to feel even more comfortable in your company.

7. Make a gingerbread house

Most commonly known from the 16th-century German fairy tale, gingerbread houses are a staple wintertime item in many families. Try making one together, and you can eat your well-earned reward when it's finished. A fun way to make this even more interesting is to turn it into a competition. Have your friends and family vote on the best house, and the loser has to do a dare.

8. Snuggle in front of the fire.

Whether indoors or out, the warmth of fire never feels quite so good as it does during the dark days of the end of the year. Invite someone special along with you during the cold winter month, and offer to share your blanket.

9. Roast marshmallows by the fire (and make smores)

Well, if you've already got that fire going from the previous date idea... You might as well make it that much sweeter with the classic combination of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. There's no better date night idea than a romantic indoor picnic.

10. Watch old Christmas and holiday movies

Then, you can compare and contrast notes on which are your favorites. Because can any holiday movie really beat the original Gremlins, anyway? Plus, there's something about watching them during the holiday season that gets you all excited about the gifts you'll open soon.

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8 First Date Ideas For Winter

What is it that makes for the perfect first date ideas in the winter?

They should be involved, but not too intense... The perfect balance of interesting but not pushy.

And make a memorable first impression that you can revisit at a later date. Ready to make some amazing connections with new partners this winter?

11. Go to an arcade

Take the party indoors and drum up some friendly competition in old classics or new favorites. If your nearby arcade is a little more updated, a game of laser tag will also be a great way to bond with your girl. An escape room is also a good activity, just as long as you don't panic when you can't figure out the answer.

12. Build a snowman

A classic date idea, you can modify this one to be at one of your homes or in a park, with some coffee or hot chocolate to accompany it. You can take it one step further and build a collection of snowmen for your unique winter wonderland. Get some fairy lights and Christmas trees to surprise her with. Now, that's a great date night worth all the effort.

13. Watch a Hockey Game

Whether you're a big sports fan or not, going to any spectator event can be a fun opportunity to get on the same page with each other. Get tickets to see them together if you know she's a fan of a particular hockey team. She won't only know you pay attention, but she'll also be thankful she gets to share this moment with you.

14. Visit a botanical garden

So many botanical gardens have light displays up through the winter, and they're usually aren't as many people out walking around -- making it perfect for a low-pressure date idea. You don't need to do rock climbing or indoor skydiving for a date. Sometimes, visiting a garden is all you need to make her happy.

15. Go on a winter hike

Feeling like choosing something a bit more active for your first date? Winter hiking might sound like a challenge, but the lack of people out on the trails makes it all worthwhile. Make sure she's the type of person who likes physical adventure, though.

16. Go for coffee at your local coffee shop

Though a solid date idea just about any time, coffee shops hold a special place in winter when coming in out of the cold can feel just so good. It may be the most common thing, but sometimes just being around the smell of coffee can already uplift a person's spirit. She'll appreciate it when she's had a long day.

17. Try Trivia night

When it's no longer comfortable to stay outdoors for long periods, gathering at a neighborhood pub for trivia can be a wonderful way to pass the time and get to know each other better. You can also play a good trivia board game at home and see which of you has a knack for trivia.

18. Go dessert hunting

Dinner can be a little bit too stiff for a first date... So why not cut it down to one course, and have the opportunity to explore your city together? This date idea isn't exclusive to the winter season as well. You can use this for valentine's day or her birthday. It's a great idea to try new things with each other.

5 Second Date Ideas For Winter

Alright, so... You planned and executed the perfect first date. Right?

Even if not, it's worth thinking about what might come next.

So if you're looking for exciting second date ideas to test your connection and bring you closer, we've got the goods.

19. Have a snowball fight

Or even better, go out for a walk in the snow and ambush other potential snowball fight participants! Cure your cabin fever and get some cold winter air splashed on your face. Either the air will cool you up, or snowballs will. Either way, it's great outdoor date activity.

20. Bake Cookies and share them with friends and family

Getting together in the kitchen can be an awesome way of getting closer to each other, both literally and figuratively. This date idea has a sweet reward at the end, too. Plus, her friends and family will be impressed at your baking skills that they'll want you around all the time. Win-win!

21. Build a winter bonfire

This is a fun winter date idea that you can do without much effort. When it's just cold enough to stay indoors, but not cold enough not to go outside at all, building a fire together can give you plenty of excuses to cuddle up with each other.

22. Go sledding

Iconic holiday activities like sledding only get better with someone that you're looking to date. It's going to be a lot of physical activity so make sure she's good with that. You don't want to ruin the date by making her do things she's not really okay with.

23. Experiment to get the perfect hot toddy recipe.

Cold nights are no time for cold cocktails, so why not cozy up with the delicious combination of whiskey, honey, lemon juice, and hot water? It's like an adult tea for the winter. Once you get the perfect ratio, she'll want you to make this drink for her all the time.

4 Cheap Winter Date Ideas

Winter dates don't have to break the bank. In fact, if you're willing to brave the cold, there are plenty of cheap date ideas for the winter that can be just as magical as more expensive ones.

What does this mean? That no matter how much money you have, you can get out there and have great dates, even in the depths of winter.

24. Board games

Turning off all the screens and having an old-fashioned night of gaming can be a refreshing change. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Choose games that she likes and see how much of a sore loser she is (or isn't!).

25. Walk around the neighborhood and look at the holiday lights

How well do you know your respective neighborhood? This can allow you to learn more about where each of you lives. It will also give you a chance to see where she walks when she goes home or to the supermarket. It will help you plan surprises for her in the future.

26. Do couples yoga

Most yoga studios offer classes on a donation or drop-in basis, making it an affordable option. Being serene together is a great bonding activity because you get to be quiet and intimate with each other. You'll feel refreshed and relaxed afterward. She'll definitely thank you for this.

27. Write a bucket list together

Costing exactly nothing, writing a "to-do" list for your lives can help you learn so much more about each other. Include great Christmas-related items in there so you'll have something to look forward to for the next holiday season.

4 Free Winter Date Ideas

Looking to keep the romance alive in a relationship without forking over major dough? These free date ideas are perfect for cold-weather fun without the cost.

28. Build a snow fort

When there's plenty of fresh powder, that's the perfect time to don your gloves and start building an igloo together. Not only will she marvel at your awesome snow fort building skills, but she will also appreciate that you can make something fun out of literally nothing.

29. Shovel paths in the snow

Embrace your philanthropic side by cleaning the neighborhood together, then use the snow you've shoveled to build an amazing fort. It's a great way for her to see you're concerned about your community as well. Not bad for a guy who wants to make a girl fall for him.

30. Visit your local state park and look for wild animal tracks

Especially in the snow, the movements of animals come alive. This can be an awesome excuse to go exploring together and get some alone time outdoors. If she's an animal lover, she's going to love this date idea of yours. Make sure to bring some snacks and water, so you're all set to spend a long time outdoors.

31. Go on a long hike

In most parts of the world, the great outdoors are still entirely free to explore -- making them a perfect winter date option. Plus, being challenged together is bound to get you two closer. It's not like ping pong that you just stand and hit a ball back and forth. Hiking is on another level of challenge.

5 Fun Winter Date Ideas

When you're looking for the best fun date ideas for winter, be ready to embrace some outliers and oddballs. Most of the time, the most interesting dates are because they're unexpected.

32. Go downhill cross country skiing

Is she the type of girl who likes thrilling and dangerous activities? If you're really up for something adventurous, seeking out skiing lessons can be a winter-only date idea that's very memorable! Plus, it will give you a chance to impress her if you're a real ski expert.

33. Go winter camping

While it can take some specialized gear, winter camping is unrivaled in its quiet and contemplative mood. Without so many people around, it can feel remarkably private. Make sure you're fully equipped with hot cocoa or coffee. If that doesn't work, a nice warm hug should do the trick.

34. Geocaching

Sometimes called the "world's largest treasure hunt," geocaching can be an awesome way to get out of the house with a soft goal. This is a great bonding activity because it will test just how much patience you can endure with each other. Plus, if you find something, it will be an experience you'll never forget.

35. Scrapbooking

Do you want something concrete that will compile all your memories forever? Requiring not much more than some crafting supplies and a willingness to experiment, scrapbooking is a perfect indoor date ideas for the winter.

36. Go to the beach

Why brave the crowds of summer when you can sometimes have the whole beach to yourselves in winter? Sure, it won't be the same as when you can wear swimsuits and sunglasses, but it's nice to be somewhere made for relaxing. Even if it's not the summertime, the breeze will be different when you're at the beach. Make sure to prepare good beach stories to share with her while you're there.

4 Unique Winter Date Ideas

If you're looking to make a great impression on your date, having a selection of unique date ideas to choose from is always a safe bet.

37. Snow kayaking

Never heard of it? Even better. Check with outdoor stores in your area for kayak rentals. A new activity will always bring out anyone's spontaneous side. See if this new experience will bring you closer together. If it doesn't, well, that's one idea you can set aside. What matters is that you tried it together.

38. Volunteer at your community soup kitchen.

Why not date for the common good? The holidays are a time for giving, after all. Get into the holiday spirit by volunteering together for the community. You won't only be helping other people, but you'll also get to bond with each other while doing it. It's a win-win situation.

39. Snowkiting

Have you ever heard of this? It's exactly what it sounds like: Kiteboarding on snow instead of water. Make sure you're ready with the right outfits and protective gear before you do it. If she's a little scared, assure her that it's completely safe and that you'll be with her the entire time.

40. Make a pot of mulled wine

Mulled wine is a Scandinavian tradition of heating and flavoring red wine -- perfect for a little buzz on your date. It's hot spiced wine, so it's perfect for the cold season. Impress her with your wine-making skills and see if she likes to get a little tipsy before the night ends.

5 At Home Winter Date Ideas

Not willing to brave the cold? Sticking with at home date ideas may be your best bet this winter, then.

41. winter self-care date

Need some extra time for rest and relaxation? Plan some hot baths and relaxing music, and you're good to go. Take it one step further and book a spa weekend for the two of you. You'll get to relax and recharge, plus she'll appreciate the pampering she'll get.

42. Cook a meal together

Cooking always brings people closer together, but especially so in the comfort of your warm home in the winter. Make a menu of the best dishes to cook on a cold night and prepare all the ingredients together. You won't only have spent a good amount of time together, but you will have also gotten a great meal out of it.

43. Netflix and Chill

For all those holiday movies you like, Netflix is always there for you. Cozy up on the couch with a fresh batch of popcorn and her favorite junk food. Get her some wine if you want to "chill." If you're not there yet, then soda and juice would be good.

44. Exercise together

Especially when the holidays can pack on extra pounds, exercising together at home can be a great bonding activity that keeps you healthy. You won't only bond with each other, but you'll also get a hot bod in just a few months.

45. Experiment with different hot chocolate recipes

Why not try a little bit of cinnamon, chili pepper, or maybe even whiskey? Who knows how well it could turn out! A friend of mine once told me that a pinch of salt would make your hot chocolate taste real good. You could try it out with her and see if she likes it too!

4 Double Date Ideas For Winter

Have another couple that you'd like to invite along with you? Then you'll need plenty of double date ideas to keep you all engaged and interested.

46. Go on a road trip.

Wintertime road trips can be an awesome opportunity to see things like you never get to during the warmer months: Quiet, calm, and reflective. Plus, if it's the holidays and everyone is at home, you don't have to worry about traffic jams. Perfect for a road trip.

47. Host a game night

Having a few friends over for a screen-free night of board games, dinner, and drinks makes for a low-pressure double date. You can even choose holiday-themed games to keep the spirit alive. You can also ask your friends to bring snacks and get a potluck going.

48. Winter wine tasting

Break out the biggest, boldest reds for a comparative tasting with friends, and just watch what happens next. You can also check out wine tastings in your area. Choose one that has some live music going on. She'll love this date idea for sure.

49. Winter spa resort

In serious need of some pampering? Why not schedule a spa date with another couple, then? Call up some of your couple friends and

4 Winter Date-Night Ideas

When you and your SO want to spice things up with fresh date night ideas for the winter, there are plenty of options.

50. Create a signature cocktail

Making something together is always a great idea for a date. Craft cocktails are a wonderful way to get creative while having fun and getting a buzz. Get your shakers out and see what kinds of flavors you both like. Bonus points if you can name it after your couple name!

51. Take a cooking class together

Every investment made in cooking delicious food is definitely worth it. What's even better is you can learn together. You will have learned something new while also building a great relationship with the girl you like. Plus, once you're done with the class, you can prepare the food you learned to cook and make a nice dinner together.

52. Cabin escape

Get away from it all by booking a cabin for a weekend together, away from everything else. Make sure you're prepared with food, hot cocoa, and lots of movies to fill the time. You can also invite her to dance while you're alone, listening to any music you can catch on the radio.

53. Hot cocoa by the fire

Your cabin date wouldn't be complete without drinking hot cocoa. Snuggle up and let the worries of the world melt away on your own hot cocoa date. Talk about your goals and passions in life and see if you have the same plans for the future. This way, you will know if the girl you like is comfortable enough to share these deep things with you.

4 Winter Anniversary Date Ideas

Are you lucky enough to have an anniversary around the holidays? Then try out these anniversary date ideas and celebrate in style.

54. Take her shopping

Let's be honest: There's rarely a wrong time to take your gal out shopping, but winter is especially good. During this season, summer clothes are on sale. So, let her take advantage of it to plan her outfits for when the sun is out. She'll even be planning your next beach trip in her head, so be prepared.

55. Book a staycation

Choosing to stay right in your home town (or nearby) can give all the good feels of travel without any of the stress. Plan out a nice staycation at a nearby hotel and cook a nice dinner for her. Choose one that has Netflix on their TV so that you can binge-watch a new TV show with her.

56. Find a fancy hotel bar

So, if you've booked a staycation at a hotel, it would be nice to dress up for a dinner date. Plan this out at the hotel's restaurant and have her meet you at the bar for your date. Bonus points if you can get one with a beautiful sunset view.

57. Try a new winter sport

Why not get active together to commemorate how your lives have grown closer? The winter season lets you do a lot of activities that you can't do during in any other season. Learn something together and see if she's up to the challenge.

5 Adventurous Winter Date Ideas

Craving more excitement in your dating life? Bring some adventurous date ideas to the table and make things that much more interesting!

58. Visit an Amusement Park in winter

If you can find one that's open, the lights and sounds of an amusement park are a welcome change from the winter cold and quiet. You can share stories from times you've been to amusement parks and talk about what kinds of rides you like. She'll appreciate a change of scenery, for sure.

59. Take a trapeze class

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Get a taste of that with trapeze classes together. She's probably never done this before, so you'll be able to see her in a whole new element. Watch how she overcomes fear and see if she's someone who can take a good challenge.

60. Travel somewhere warm for the winter.

Sometimes, the best time to get out of the area is when the season is getting too cold for your taste. If the cold is getting to be too much for you both, go to warmer areas for your adventures. Plan a trip where you can watch the sunset on a beach or take a stroll along a boulevard.

61. Play lazer tag

Indoors? Check. Active? Check. Adventurous? You betcha! This is a great opportunity for both of you to show your playful and competitive sides. Or, you can invite your friends to join you and have a little group contest. Make sure she's on your team so you can help her out.

62. Purposefully get lost.

Have you ever just got in the car and driven to wherever? Turn off the GPS on your cell phone and go for a drive. Who knows where it might take you? See if she's okay with being spontaneous and letting loose around you.

9 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Fluffy snow, Christmas lights, cozying up by the fire with a cup of steaming hot chocolate — winter might very well be the most romantic season.

To make things even more romantic, we've got a few great romantic date ideas to surprise your partner with.

63. Try a Winter Sport

Have you tried skiing? How about ice skating? These winter activities are sure to be great date ideas. Make sure to finish things off with a glass of mulled wine to warm yourselves up.

64. Visit a Museum or an Art Gallery

If it's too cold for outdoor activities, you can get your daily fix of art instead. Take her to a local art gallery and marvel at the works of art with her. If you want to take it a little further, try researching about the artists featured during that time, so you have some tidbits of information to share with her.

65. Go Ice Skating

Is there anything cuter than gliding on the ice rink hand in hand? Plus, you'll be able to hold on to her and catch her when she falls. You'll never know; she might fall in love with you when you protect her from hurting her butt on the ice.

66. Build a Gingerbread House with Things You Already Have at Home

Making something out of nothing together is a great idea for an interesting date night. If you're trying to impress her, maybe put the junk food away and fill your pantry with nuts, fruits, and healthy snacks. See if she's the type of girl who cares about the kind of food you eat.

67. Check Out Ice Sculptures

Sometimes, just looking at ice sculptures can amaze anyone because of the extreme amount of effort it takes to get the details just right. Just don't try to lick them, or your tongue will stick onto the ice!

68. Go to a Hockey Game

Who said winter sports were not exciting? If her favorite team is playing, definitely buy some tickets and take her to see the game. If you're not a hockey fan, it's best to research a little bit and watch some games on the Internet, so you know when to cheer and when to boo.

69. Go Sledding

It's not just for kids! Whip out your sleds and tap into your childish side. If she's someone who doesn't care about being playful and silly, she will definitely enjoy sledding with you.

70. Host a Cookie Exchange Party

Curious to see how your Christmas cookies stack up to your neighbors'? Invite your friends over and have them bring their versions of classic Christmas cookies. Make sure to have other snacks and board games to make a fun night out of it.

71. Learn Knitting

Do you know how to knit a sweater? Maybe it's about time you started learning. Making a Christmas sweater for your significant other is one of the sweetest things you can do. She'll wear it every time the holidays start and she'll remember that you made it for her.

8 winter 3rd date ideas

Pursuing a new relationship in the thick of winter? We've got some winter 3rd date ideas you might want to try out.

72. Have an Old-School Movie Night

It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol would be great movie choices. Whip up some popcorn and snacks to make your romantic movie night complete. These old-school movies may be outdated, but it's always a great thing to do when the holidays come.

73. Go Antique-Shopping

If it's too cold to spend time outside, why don't you hit the stores and explore some cool antiques? If you know of any Christmas bazaars in the area, take advantage of the opportunity and bring her to stalls that sell antiques. If she's the type to collect one-of-a-kind items, she's going to love it.

74. Clean Out Closets and Donate Things

Christmas is all about helping those in need. When you clean out closets and donate the things you don't need, you're not only making room for new things, but you're also helping out the people who aren't as fortunate as you are. Take her to the nearest community center and see how big her smile is when she hands over her collected things.

75. Have a Scrabble Tournament

Is she a word master? Maybe a Scrabble tournament is something she will enjoy. Bring out some snacks when things are getting a little too competitive. Pair that with a serving of hot chocolate or some mulled wine, and you're good to go.

76. Have a Pajama Party

Cozy up by the fireplace or under the blanket in your PJs and talk the night away. Plus points for you if you whip out matching PJs for both of you. She'll love how silly it is and appreciate that you made that effort for her.

77. Take a Library Trip

You are sure to stumble upon some great winter reads. If she's the type to read books like she can't live without them, you can also gift her a first edition of her favorite book. That's the perfect holiday date and gift.

78. Take a Hot-Yoga Class

Why don't you two warm up and level up your yoga game if it's cold out there? Be completely in tune with your thoughts and see if you feel at peace with her. You'll both walk out of there feeling refreshed and relaxed. Who wouldn't want a date like that?

79. Play Video or Computer Games

Always a good idea when there's nothing better to do outside. If she's a computer geek, she's going to love it if you challenge her to play some games. Don't get too competitive, though.

Downloadable and Printable List of Winter Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of winter date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter is a great time for dates, but even then, you might still be confused. We're here to answer your questions, so don't worry.

What is the best thing about winter?

The best thing about winter is the feeling that it gives. When it's winter, you think of fun and the holidays. There's something special about winter because it reminds us of good times with the ones we love.

What do you wear on a winter date?

As much as you want to dress up and steal someone's breath away, winter isn't the best time to experiment with your fashion choices. Wear something comfortable that can keep you warm! Think thick jackets, denim pants, and sweaters.

What should couples do on a cold winter night?

We've got all the date ideas for you above, so it's up to you to decide which one fits best. When in doubt, it's always a good idea to hang out wherever you're comfortable and talk. Remember to keep yourselves warm, too.

How can you make a winter date unique?

Be yourself and enjoy the experience to the fullest! This is the best way to make sure that your winter date, no matter how cliche it might seem at first, becomes unique and truly you.

What should you bring on a winter date?

You don't have to bring anything but yourself! Don't bring too much stuff to the point that you'll have a hard time bringing it. Only bring your essentials and something to keep you warm.

How To Pick The Best Winter Date Idea

If you're looking to find the absolute best ideas for winter dates, just keep these 3 simple tips in mind.

1. Plan ahead

Especially in the winter, it pays to have some extra planning already done so you don't have to go out into the cold at the last minute.

2. Always have a backup

When the weather can change so quickly, it's a great idea always to have a second date planned. This way, nothing can come between you and an amazing date.

3. Pay attention to the context

Because so many winter dates end up being more intimate rather than social, keep her comfort level at the front of your mind throughout the entire date planning process.

More Awesome Ways To Get The Girl

Whether it's cold outside or not, there are some tried-and-true methods and rules to follow for scoring dates. So no matter what you're looking for, we've got you covered:

  1. Where to meet women is just as important as how.
  2. Ready to get the ball rolling? You'll need to know how to ask a girl out.
  3. Once you've got things set up, be sure to have plenty of things to talk about on a first date.

In Conclusion

Summer may be fun, but there are plenty of winter date ideas to provide the yin to the hot season's yang.

Now that you know what to do on a date, try out some of these amazing date ideas in your current relationship, or use them to figure out how to get a girlfriend to keep you warm in the cold season. Best of luck, and enjoy the snow!