Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence, and today we’re using all of our intelligence to help you master the science of flirting.

There’s no doubt that flirting is an artform, but it turns out that there’s also a lot of scientific research behind it that can help you flirt like a master, send clear signals to the women you’re interested in, and make quick connections with whomever you’re crushing on, in other words… become a hot ape.

Wait - Hot Ape? Like a chimpanzee with the jawline of a Hemsworth?

Ohhh, okay… I see it now. Hot Ape is an acronym to help you remember the 6 key concepts in the science of flirting. After all, you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals...

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Be a H.O.T A.P.E | The Science of Flirting | 6 Alpha Male Tricks to Turn On Any Girl NOW

The Science Of Flirting - 6 Keys To Be A Hot Ape

So here are the 6 science-backed flirting tricks of the Hot Ape, and the number one flirting mistake most likely to turn her off.

6. Humor

The H in Hot Ape stands for Humor, which when executed correctly, gives you this result: *laugh track*

But you knew that. What you may not know however, is that women consistently rate a good sense of humor... as one of the most important qualities a partner should have.

But why? First of all... Laughter makes us feel good. And women love spending time with a man who makes them feel good.

And second, humor is a great sign of intelligence - another trait women look for before entering a serious relationship.

Your ability to make off-the-cuff jokes shows that your brain is quick and flexible. Plus, it allows you to showcase your unique personality and sense of humor. And best of all, humor is a way to weed out incompatible matches.

Just watch my pal Beardy fail to land a joke:

Beardy: “How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?”

Girl: *stone faced*

Beardy: “Tentacles”

Girl: *stone faced* (cricket sounds, beardy looks visibly nervous, maybe this plays and the video goes grayscale as we slowly zoom in on his face)

Uh oh… Let’s see what happens when he doubles down and tells another joke.

Beardy: “Why was the stadium so cold?”

Girl: *stone faced*

Beardy: “Because there were a lot of fans”

Girl: *stone faced*

Clearly this woman doesn’t find our friend very funny. But that’s a good thing... Because instead of trying to make something work that clearly will not... he can move on and find a woman to talk to who actually appreciates his sense of humor.

As we saw with Beardy, when it comes to humor, you shouldn’t waste time chasing girls who you don’t click with. Because eventually, you’ll find a girl who’s on the same page as you, and will find you irresistible for it.

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5. Open Body Language

Once you’ve gotten her smiling and she’s intrigued by your personality and intelligence, you’ve got to draw her in with Open Body Language.

We’ve talked about body language before, like in this video on 10 Alpha Male body Language Tricks, but unfortunately a lot of guys still aren’t using this knowledge to help their flirt game, which means they not only fail to make the right moves... they also miss out on the signs that a girl is flirting with them.

So let’s break it down: the three key components to open body language are shoulders, arms, and feet.

In flirting situations, your shoulders should be facing her, your arms should be uncrossed, and your feet should be pointing in her direction.

I’m not telling you to stand stiff as a board all night long... I mean, you gotta move around or you’ll look ridiculous, but in those moments when things get a little more intense, open up your body language to signal that you want to be closer and check out her body language to see if she’s feeling it too (but more on that later in the video.)

4. Touch

Alright fellas, now that you’ve seen me fail a few times, let’s get real for a minute... I know a lot of you are nervous about touching women.

You’re worried that the way you touch her will cross a line, and either send her running for the hills or reaching for a can of mace.

You may have even heard of (or read in the comments) horror stories from dudes who say they shook a girl’s hand and got arrested for assault.

First of all, those stories are fake news… unless these guys are seriously misinformed about how handshakes work and secondly, touch is an essential part of flirting, and it’s something you need to get right if you hope to become a true Hot Ape.

So I’m gonna teach you how to touch a girl in a way that shows you’re interested, but doesn’t come across as creepy.

Let’s start off talking about where to touch. When you’re breaking the touch barrier with a girl for the first time, her arm is the best place to target.

The closer a touch is to her hand, the more intimate it is - so a touch on the shoulder is safe… but maybe a little too safe. And a touch on the hand is as red hot and flirty as it gets without crossing any lines.

Knowing where to touch a girl gets you partial credit, but in order to get full points you also need to know when and how to touch her. And to make it super easy, I’ve got three rules to live by: don’t breach, don’t reach, and don’t grab.

By don’t breach, I mean that you shouldn’t touch a girl you haven’t already spoken to. People generally don’t like being touched by strangers - and touching a woman before you even speak to her comes across as aggressive and weird.

So break the ice with some conversation and give her a chance to warm up to you. That way, you’ll give her time to develop some interest and start hoping for some physical contact.

Next, don’t reach. If a girl is standing or sitting far enough that you can’t touch her without reaching out - it might be because she’s keeping her distance intentionally.

A girl who wants to get closer will get closer, and she’ll signal her interest by making herself available. That’s when you go for the touch.

Finally, don’t grab. When you touch a girl for the first time it should be flirty and affectionate - not forceful or firm.

Whatever you do, definitely don't grab or grip her. Even if she was feeling it, the moment she feels trapped she’ll start looking for an exit.

Stroke her upper arm lightly, rest your hand on her forearm or wrist, or use your fingers to play with hers - Just be sure the moment is right before you do it.

So remember: Don’t breach, reach, or grab and make sure the timing is right. But if you’re still a bit confused on timing... our next few tips on how to be a hot ape will help you figure out when it’s acceptable.

3. Attention

When it comes to flirting, attention works on two levels.

The first and most obvious level is that if you want someone to get the hint that you’re into them, you should pay them special attention.

The play it cool method works in high school relationships, but in adult relationships you should show the other person your interested by making them feel special.

It makes sense right? If something is important or interesting, you pay attention - like how you held your bladder for the entire 3 hours and 2 minutes of Endgame.

Similarly, the amount of attention you pay a girl shows her the value you give her. But on the second level, things get a little more meta.

As you flirt, pay attention to the way she responds to your advances and how she joins in. This way, you can tailor your approach and either change or keep your initial strategy, or gracefully make your exit.

Remember how my pal Beardy didn’t bother to change his approach when he told those jokes to that girl who clearly didn’t like the first one?

He might have had more luck if he switched up his jokes or found something more interesting to say.

So when you’re chatting with a girl, be sure to give her your undivided attention and pay attention to how she responds to you.

You’ll know if your jokes are working, whether or not she wants you to get close and touch her, and... it makes flirting so much easier if you read the signs and are confident enough to move on when things aren’t going well.

2. Proximity

A romantic fling might start by meeting eyes across the room, but if it’s going to go any farther than a staring contest, you’re going to have to get closer, and that’s where proximity comes into play.

Let’s say you and a girl lock eyes for a second across the room, and a few moments later she mysteriously appears right next to you.

She didn’t get lost, she’s using proximity to let you know she’s interested in getting a closer look to see if you really are a hot ape.

In the same way, getting in close proximity with a girl you’re flirting with shows her that you’re drawn to her, and that you’d like to get even closer.

Often times this will happen naturally, but if you can remember to pay attention like we talked about in number three, you’ll notice that as the gap between you closes, your flirting is working.

1. Eye Contact

I know fellas, it seems like every video we produce mentions the importance of eye contact but that’s because it really is that vital.

Of all the flirting tips on this list so far - humor, open body language, touch, attention, and proximity - eye contact is the one thing that makes it clear you’re flirting and not just being friendly.

Think about it, a girl who isn’t sure what you’re going for could come up with some other reason for every behavior on this list... You joke with friends, you get in close proximity in noisy bars, and you might just be a touchy kind of person...

But there’s no way she could mistake frequent, intense, extended eye contact as anything other than flirting.

That’s what makes eye contact so important. It signals that something more than a friendly chat is going on and communicates your feelings without you having to say a word.

Of course, you’re going to have to say some words sooner rather than later if you want to avoid making her uncomfortable. But in the end, nothing gets a girl’s heart racing like looking deeply into her eyes… Especially if she’s staring back.

The Number 1 Flirting Mistake That Turns Women Off

The science of flirting shows you how to be a Hot Ape and explains just what to do to flirt like boss, but unfortunately it doesn’t tell you what you should say.

Thankfully we’ve already done a video about how to talk to girls, but when it comes to flirting with a girl you’ve just met the worst thing you can do is to talk only about yourself. That’s not a Hot Ape move, that’s an ugly jackass move.

That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about yourself at all, I mean you’re trying to get to know one another, right?

It just means that not everything has to be about you, what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and how much money you make.

She wants to get to know you, but she also wants to see that you think about things other than yourself.

So as you evolve from a man into a Hot Ape, always be sure to ask a girl questions about herself... and leave the leave self-centeredness to the lower life forms.

In Conclusion

Those are the science of flirting, 6 steps to become a Hot Ape and the one flirting mistake that will definitely turn her off.

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Thanks for watching!